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Product Description


This device is NOT electric, it relies on the same chemical reactions that reusable hand warmers do.  As a result, this device produces a steady supply of gentle heat during the chemical reaction process. 


TearRestore Mask has been designed based on the anatomy of the eye. Applicators on the inside of the mask direct the heat specifically to the oil glands within the eyelids, avoiding sensitive areas of the eye.


TearRestore Mask Kit, include Two Heat Packs providing up to 180 uses

While There’s No Cure-All Solution for Dry Eye Syndrome

However the TearRestore products make it simple to find and maintain an effective treatment routine. The earlier and more consistent you treat the condition, the better your long-term eye health will be.

Technology behind the Heat Packs:

  • Meibomian gland applicators match the anatomy of the eyelid which results in a targeted treatment where you need it.

  • Anatomical norms results in a one size fits all design.

  • Comfort and durability are ensured through the use of a flexible and resilient polymer.

  • Natural Tear Film Redistribution. TearRestore’s unique design, which permits the use of vision throughout treatment, allows for the eyelids to blink which functions to redistribute the tear film over the surface of the eye. Through combining natural tear film redistribution with therapeutic heat, our device has the ability to provide superior irritation relief over traditional warm compress treatments.

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TearRestore Mask Kit + 2 Heat Packs


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