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We have a full range of daily DISPOSABLE contact lenses from the leading optical brands. Browse our range of daily lenses and SHOP online.
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Spherical daily disposable contact lenses

Spherical daily disposable contact lenses help to correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, and presbyopia. Find the right prescription to suit your vision and checkout with your favourite brands.

Multifocal daily disposable contact lenses

When it comes to finding the right contact lenses to suit your eyes, the best thing you can do is speak to an eye doctor and get your eyes tested. Once you have seen an optometrist, you can easily order your contact lens prescription based on your eye shape and measure of farsightedness or nearsightedness.

For multifocal daily contact lenses, we have options of lens size packs with popular brands such as Acuvue, Biotrue, and Dailies. Start shopping and select the sized pack for your convenience.

Toric single use contact lenses

Toric daily contact lenses are designed to suit customers who have astigmatism and are specifically shaped to suit this eye type.

Coloured daily use contact lenses

Coloured single use contact lenses are ideal for those who want to try a new look, attend a costume party, or cosplay. Our coloured daily contact lenses are single use only and must not be reused.

What are daily contact lenses?

Daily contact lenses refer to a disposable contact lens that is only intended for single use. These are designed to be put in during the morning and when you take them out at night, you throw them away. These are ideal for those who don’t regularly use contact lenses and there are no cleaning solutions required. As there is no cleaning involved, daily disposable contacts are a popular choice for those who prefer to wear glasses most of the time.

Shop for your favourite brand based on your prescription and get same day delivery in Australia if ordered by 2pm.

Is there a difference between daily and monthly contacts?

Yes, monthly contact lenses are thicker than daily or single use contact lenses. They are made to be thicker so they will last for longer and be less likely to dry out. If you wear monthly contact lenses you will be required to clean them regularly for your health.

Can you wear daily contact lenses more than once?

No. If you are using daily contact lenses, you must use a fresh pair every day.

You can wear a fresh pair of daily contact lenses for around a month. However, you should always check with your eye care professional or doctor.

Can you play sports with daily contact lenses in?

Yes. If your eye doctor has recommended that you wear glasses or contact lenses, you can safely wear them during sport activities. If you are worried about a contact sport and ensuring that you have the right eyeglasses or contact lenses, talk to your eye care professional.

Can you sleep in daily contact lenses?

No. You should never sleep or nap when wearing daily disposable contact lenses or any other form of contact lens. A single use contact lens is designed to be worn during the day only.

If you sleep while wearing daily contact lenses you put your sight at risk, increase risks of eye infections, and cornea damage. Sleeping with daily contact lenses in can cause a build-up of germs.

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