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Product Description

Dryness and discomfort during the day are one of the most frequent complaints we hear from contact lens wearers.

PC Technology (phosphoryl choline – not politically correct) is a highly hydrophilic compound.  A Hydorophilic is one that mixes well with water, and is a compound naturally found in the cells of the eye and the body.

PC Technology and the benefits for you:

  • Lowers the risk of dehydration and assists in maintaining the  oxygen flow.
  • Helps to retain up to 97% of the original water content, even after a full day and evening of wear, more comfort for your eyes.



Lens Type:  Soft Daily Spherical
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Brand: Proview
Replacement Schedule: Daily
Quantity: 90 lenses – 3 x 30 Packs
BC: 8.7mm
Diameter: 14.2mm



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Proview (Proview Plus) 90 Pack



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