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  • 90 Pack – Silicone Hydrogel Daily Contact Lenses


What is silicone?

We can translate the word to mean “many parts,” and that’s exactly what polymers are—chemical compounds coming together to say hello and hang out. When scientists synthesize polymers in labs, it’s generally to bring compounds together so that the whole is greater than the parts: Bigger, stronger, faster, etc. You get the idea.

Silicone hydrogel lenses are all about bringing the oxygen permeability (the ability to allow oxygen to pass through) of silicone with the comfort of hydrogel (composed mostly of water) into contact lenses that can be safely and comfortably worn for a prescribed extended period. We breathe in air to our lungs so that our blood can deliver oxygen and other life-sustaining nutrients to our body’s organs.

But, our corneas (the clear part that covers our irises) think differently. They demand the white glove service, choosing to get their oxygen gulps straight from the source: The air around us—not our bloodstream. Yes, your corneas contain no blood vessels. Since our corneas take in oxygen straight from the air, it stands to reason that they need easy access to the air around us.  But, as we noted earlier, technology marches on and contact lenses’ “Dk/t” has vastly improved. This is how eye doctors refer to the amount of oxygen permeability of a lens; the higher the number, the more oxygen can pass through. This, along with other factors, help you feel better while you’re wearing contacts for extended periods.

Lens Type:  Soft Daily Spherical
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Brand: Proview Elite
Replacement Schedule: Daily
Quantity: 90 lenses in a box


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Proview Elite 90 Pack


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