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Product Description
  • Pack contains 6 fortnightly contact lensesDrenched in comfort, the new ProActive Premium Contact Lenses from CooperVision are made from a unique material that attracts and binds water within the lens itself,


Unique comfort in a high-performance lens. CooperVision Proactive Air contacts feature a combination of unique material technologies that let your eyes breathe and stay moist naturally for continuous comfort throughout your day and the life of the lens. As an added benefit, they also help block harmful UV rays.* Whether you’re nearsighted, farsighted or need contacts for astigmatism***, Proactive Air lenses offer you the freedom you’re looking for.

In a public survey, 80% of people who have Avaira contact lenses responded that they wear them for over 14 hours a day.** You can enjoy that kind of long-lasting comfort in a daily wear lens, too. Talk to your eye care professional to find out which Proactive Air contacts are right for you.

*Warning: UV-absorbing contact lenses are not substitutes for protective UV-absorbing eyewear, such as UV-absorbing goggles or sunglasses, because they do not completely cover the eye and surrounding area. Patients should continue to use UV-absorbing eyewear as directed
**2012 U.S. Avaira Wearer Survey
***cAir toric contact lenses will be available at a later date in 2017


Lens Type:  Soft Fortnightly Spherical
Manufacturer: CooperVision
Brand: Proactive Air
Replacement Schedule: Fortnightly
Quantity: 6 lenses in a box


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Proactive Air 6 Pack


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