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Product Description

The new ready-to-wear readers with two lens powers

After the “miniframe” and “miniframe2” Eschenbach Optik is now presenting yet another quality product in the ready-to-wear segment for the close-up range: the “miniframe bifo”.


When it comes to shopping in the supermarket or enjoying handicrafts at home, the new ready-to-wear “miniframe bifo” will make all of these tasks even easier. This is because the two lens powers integrated into one lens will now make it even simpler for everyone to choose between two different levels of magnification.

For many of us the problem is all too common: in the supermarket a pair of readers helps us recognise the products and read the labels an the shelves, but when it comes down to reading the small print, such as lists of ingredients, then we have to change our glasses or get out a magnifier. Eschenbach Optik is now able to offer an uncomlicated and attractively priced solution. With “miniframe bifo” Eschenbach has developed a pair of high-quality readers for improved orientation in the close-up range and for magnification: “miniframe bifo” is therefore a practical vision aid when you need a quick and clear view of intricate details or small print.


Product details:

Optical value in the upper area: +3.0 dpt.

Optical value in the lower area: +6.0 dpt.


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Mini Reader +3 / +6


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