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Product Description

easyPOCKET – the tiny lens with powerful magnification.

Whether you wish to read the small text printed in the programme when you’re sitting in a darkened theatre or study the wine list in a restaurant with subdued lighting after the performance, whether you want to read the contents printed on packaging whilst you’re out shopping or decipher the small print when you’re signing a contract – whatever your needs,  easyPOCKET, the illuminated pocket lens no larger than a credit card and with a thickness of only 6 mm, should be your companion at all times.


Featuring an integrated SMD-LED, easyPOCKET provides optimum bright and brilliantly illuminated magnification in all light conditions.  What’s more, easyPOCKET is not just a lens, it’s a stylish and elegant accessory.

The high quality, diffractive aspheric lens, the SMD-LED and the batteries are all protected in the glass fibre reinforced casing. The state-of-the-art LED light, which allows the design of the easyPOCKET to be ultra-thin, is automatically switched on when the lens is pulled out – this conserves battery use and prevents the light from being switched on by mistake.


Technical information:

Diffractive aspheric optics
50 x 45 mm, 16.0 dpt / 4.0 x
SMD-LED light
Supplied with batteries
Batteries: 2 batteries, 3 V, type CR2025, approx. 6 hours operating time

case colour: blue




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