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Product Description

ColourVue’s 3 Tones Green coloured lenses work with your natural skin complexion to transform your eyes to a gorgeous dark green with traces of brown highlights, think deep forest.


Add a touch of magic to your look with Colourvue 3 Tones Coloured Contact Lenses, these are ideal for both bright and dark eyes. The colour effect is dramatic, which will make you look gorgeous. Designed to enhance your natural eye colour and transport you into a world of fantasy.

Technology Behind the Lens

  • Colourvue 3 Tones Coloured Contact Lenses are created with hydrogel technology and expertly blended, they allow for maximum airflow, are comfortable, easy to use, and above all safe.
Lens Type:  Coloured Contacts
Manufacturer: ColourVue
Replacement Schedule: 3 monthly
Quantity: 2 lenses in a box

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ColourVue 3 Tones 3 Monthly – Scripted


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