Coronavirus (COVID-19) Care

In such unsettling times we want to support you with the latest information on how to protect yourself in COVID-19.

Our contact lens orders will be shipping as usual and however please be aware and patient that in such times staff and contact solutions are limited and may take longer than usual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anti-bacterial hand sanitiser or soap and water better to use before I handle my lenses?

The problem with this type of hand sanitiser though is the alcohol content when it comes to handling your lenses. If you pass alcohol from your hands to your eyes via your lenses, you could end up with discomfort as it could affect your eyes. Soap and water is the best option in this situation.

Should I wear surgical gloves when handling my contact lenses?

As long as you’re washing your hands properly with soap and water before you insert or remove your lenses and dry your hands with unused paper towels, there’s no need to wear gloves.

Should I watch out for any changing conditions of my eyes and sight that might mean I have contracted COVID-19?

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) is believed to occur in about 1-3% of people infected with COVID-19 so you’re much more likely to have common signs and symptoms such as coughing and a fever.